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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About How To Properly Raise A Puppy

How to properly raise a puppy is the most common question asked by puppies’ parents. In this blog, I will try to cover the 5 most common questions related to this topic.

Puppies are adorable and innocent creatures! It must be lovely to have one, don’t you think? It may, however, be tiring. And the urge to socialize your puppy might feel like a huge burden.

We know that those who have previously owned a puppy do better in terms of socialization and grooming. They’ve learned from their previous mistakes.

But what if this is your first time having a puppy? It’s natural to have questions about the best ways to socialize and teach your dog. And, let’s face it, even the most seasoned puppy caretaker may have concerns.

So, here are a few common questions regarding how to properly raise a puppy.

My doggie appears to go insane sometimes. He jumps, scratches, and screams, bark. What should I do?

Dogs are nocturnal species, meaning they are more energetic at night and morning, and pups usually experience at least a few bouts of highly energetic, intensive play every day that correlate with these times of the day. This is normal puppy behavior, even if your dog appears to have temporally lost her wits and is unresponsive. These frenzied episodes tend to reduce in frequency and severity as your puppy develops into puberty.

Instead of attempting to calm your puppy at these times consider altering your schedule to meet your dog’s urge to zoom. The good news is that even 10 minutes of concentrated, committed activity with your puppy at these times of day will frequently meet your dog’s activity demands at those times while also channeling the out-of-control behaviors that tend to appear at these two periods.

Morning is a great time for puppies to get them busy in different activities. Bounce toys, play chasing, go for a sniffer or a morning walk, play rope, or use a flirtation pole with your pet for 10 to 15 minutes. Your puppy needs to jump, climb, and fun games. Sometimes they want to play outside instead of staying inside. After they’ve expended some of their energy, serve them breakfast in a food-dispensing jigsaw game and take them out for another toilet break. Later puppy will get tired and ready for a nap. These activities will soothe his mind and divert his attention from becoming crazy or screaming.

I do not have enough time for my puppy due to my busy schedule. In this situation what should I do?

No doubt puppies keep us busy like a newborn baby. Making new commitments to job, home, and life responsibilities can be daunting at times.

Even yet, taking home a puppy who will rely on you for their happiness and health for the next year means you’ll have to work them into your routine.

The great news is that you don’t have to accomplish it all right now. Promote socialization and housetraining as the two things that will lay the groundwork for a beautiful future for your puppy and you.

It is difficult for me to train my puppy for potty training. What should I do?

It is a very important step to train your dog perfectly for pee or poo. When he feels bowel movements he must go outside or in his allocated place. Otherwise, no one likes to mess his house. To clean or remove dogs’ urine smell especially from carpets is a big task itself. To train a puppy for potty training is the most difficult task for us sometimes. Here I suggest a few pieces of advice for you. You will get good results after following these pieces of advice.

My first piece of advice is to take your puppy out during the day on a collar for toilet breaks to discourage them from being distracted or playing, as well as to take them to a constant ‘potty area’ in the backyard.

When you arrive at your destination, come to a complete halt and become a statue – avoiding conversing to or engaging with your puppy, as this will distract them from the task at hand.

how to train your dog for potty trainning

Make a big deal out of it when your dog eliminates! To reward them for their potty performance, use snacks, applause, and, if it is safe to do so, unclip their collar and move them into outside playtime.

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Is it safe to punish my puppy to teach them fast?

Well according to experts it depends what type of punishing is like if you keep standing your puppy outside in a sun for a long time then it is unsafe and not recommended. Your puppy will get irritated with this behavior.

But if you stop them from playing with their favorite toy for a day then it’s completely fine.

You can teach them by demonstrating something. Slowly they follow your instructions. You have to be very kind with your pups. I can understand sometimes you need to scold them but not all the time. Scolding all the time becomes your puppy frustrated and fussy as well.

My puppy is a fussy eater. What should I do?

Like humans’ puppies also have some food choices. They have taste buds as well. In this type of situation first thing, you need to sort out is your dog’s appetite. Is the hunger, is this right time to feed him, you try to feed him his favorite food? Most experts said that healthy dogs eat hardly 60% to 70% of food from containers.

Lack of appetite in dogs can be an indication of sickness, it is critical to seek veterinary attention if you detect any changes in your dog’s eating habits. It is especially critical to respond quickly to a reluctance to eat in dogs who normally eat well.

justmrdogs.com 8

Even while most dogs can survive a few days without food with no adverse consequences, it is important to treat the issue as soon as possible.

There are many other factors that your dog denies eating anything like illness, headache, toothache, fatigue, unfamiliar with new food, motion sickness, and so on. So, it’s better to take him to the vet for a complete checkup.

I hope I covered all the important and most asked questions that how to properly raise a puppy. Still, you think I should add more questions you can tell me.

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