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Brain Training for Dogs. Do you know how important Cognitive games are for Your Dogs?

Brain training for dogs is a very useful thing for dogs’ intelligence and it is first introduced by Adrienne Farricelli. It’s not as difficult as dogs’ parents think but it’s a little bit tricky. There are many goals to training your dog, but apart from the obvious skill and connection building benefits, another advantage is that it challenges your dog and eventually makes them smarter. And who says it can’t be enjoyable?

Teach your Dog with fun

There is no hard and fast rule that how we can train our dog’s brains. We can easily train them with fun and a lot of other games. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor games easily available in the market which are quite affordable. You can easily buy for your dog and set any time to play with your dog.

How we can teach our dog eye contact?

Train your dog to maintain eye contact with you. Ask your dog to stare at you while holding a goodie to your brow or near your eye. Gradually remove the food and ask your dog to look at you using a hand gesture and a vocal command. This simple activity not only helps you gain your dog’s attention when he is diverted, but it also causes oxytocin to be released in both you and your dog. Oxytocin is the hormone for bonding between parent and child. This we call eye hugs as well.

Make a schedule for your dog. Whatever you want to do with him. Set time accordingly. If you truly want your dog’s full attention, you need to vary your routine from time to time. One simple method to achieve this is to change the path you usually travel when walking your dog. You may begin by walking in a new way of turning left when you generally turn right, but you can also try somewhere entirely new to test her even more. Taking your dog to a new place will give a good and healthy impact on the dog’s brain and physical health as well. But make assure one thing all places must safe for your dog.

Brain training for dogs with these games:

These games are dogs’ cognitive development as well.

  1. Snuffle Mat
  2. Puzzle Toys
  3. Hot and Cold Games
  4. DIY Games
  5. Play with Plastic Bottles
  6. Dog Agility Course
  7. Hide and Seek or Pee ka Boo

Snuffle Mat: A snuffle mat is ideal for interested dogs. This huge, engaging nose work mat will keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated for hours.

Puzzle Toys: If your dog is food motivated, there are several puzzle toys available that will be extremely stimulating for them. Of course, the goal is for kids to utilize their brains to earn the reward. These interactive toys aid in the memory development of your dog.

Hot and Cold Games: The “Hot & Cold” game helps your dog discover a concealed reward or toy by using verbal communication and voice tone. When your dog is not looking, hide a treat. If your dog goes away from the concealed goodie, use a calm voice for cooler. As your dog comes closer to the concealed goodie, use a more eager tone for “hotter.” This game improves listening abilities.

DIY Games: There are a lot of DIY games which you can easily play with your dogs. Like plastic bowls or plastic bottles. You can hide a few balls in any of the 2 bottles and ask your dog to find those balls.

Play with Plastic Bottles: To make treats-in-a-bottle, combine plastic soda bottles, a dowel rod, and a wooden foundation. Insert three Coke bottles into the metal rod and attach them to the hardwood floor. Fill two of the bottles with goodies and watch your dog try to grab the rewards from the bottles.

Dog Agility: This is not only psychologically but also physically engaging for your dog! You may simply construct an obstacle course out of ordinary home items or purchase low-cost dog agility equipment online.

Hide and Seek: Let your dog sit and wait while you search for the ideal hiding area. When you’re ready, call your dog over to you. Because dogs have an amazing sense of smell, it shouldn’t take long for them to discover you. Reward them once they’ve found you.

FAQs about brain training for dogs.                                                        

Does brain training for dogs work or it’s just a myth?

I found it quite interesting and its boost up my dog’s confidence level. If you do it properly you see amazing results especially for those dogs who are weak.

What are the basic commands to teach your dog?

Off, on, sit, stand, calm, heel, come, stay.

What is the recommended age to teach your dogs?

The ideal age is 7 to 8 weeks for most pups. Sometimes it depends on dogs but mostly Vet says 7 to 8 weeks is the best time to train your dog.

Which method is highly recommended for dogs training?

Adrienne Farricelli’s “brain training for dogs” Is the best and highly recommended.

Should we send our dogs to another place for training?

No. it’s not recommended. Train your dog by yourself or you can take help from other pet parents. In this way, you can make a good relationship with your dog.

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