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The 8 Best Dog Stairs for Couch and Cars

It is general knowledge that dog owners adore their pets. However, this also implies that they are prepared to provide them with the finest of everything, even dog stairs! Take a look at our top eight recommendations for the best dog stairs for a couch for your car in 2021 if you’re seeking the greatest option.

All of our dog stairs are designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind, so you can be confident that they’ll enjoy using them as much as you do.
You may be asking about Dog Steps for Car if you have a large dog and are seeking the easiest way to get them into your car. There are several varieties of stairs on the market, each with its own advantages. Your pet’s size, age, and talents will determine the ideal solution for them. But which one is ideal for your pet in 2021?

The following guide will provide some insights on what to look for when selecting the best dog steps for a car.

Why do I need a Dog Step or Ramp?

If you have a huge dog, they may not be able to get into the car on their own, and this is an alternative for them if they are elderly and can’t jump as well. Then he needs a dog ramps for sure.

What types of dog steps for cars are there?

There are several varieties of stairs on the market, each with its own advantages. Your pet’s size, age, and attributes will determine the ideal solution for them. For example, if you have a large dog who may require assistance getting into the car, you will want a model with a longer ramp. If your puppy can step into the truck on his own, you might just need a few steps.

Three main types of dog steps are as follows:

Telescoping Dog Ramp

This ramp is particularly ideal for larger dogs since it can be extended to 62 inches. It is often constructed of aluminum, making it extremely light.

Folding Dog Ramp

This is a great choice for large breeds that may have trouble getting into the car. To protect your pet’s safety, the ramp is normally composed of heavy-duty materials and has a non-slip surface.

Carpeted Dog Steps

This style can be effective for smaller breeds who can freely hop in and out of the car.

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs 

This item includes a telescopic ramp to assist your puppy in getting in and out of trucks, sedans, minivans, or SUVs on their own. The extended length and extra broad telescopic ramp allow you to assist your pet in entering and exiting cars with sharper elevations while reducing the amount of bending required.


  • It has a carrying handle.
  • Stable and tight with an integrated clasp


  •  It doesn’t have 90-degree angle steps

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp for Dogs

The Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp is an ideal solution for people seeking a simple, no-assembly option. This plastic ramp folds up effortlessly for storage when not in use.


  • The ramp that stands alone
  • Reflector ramps increase safety.
  • Ideal for pets weighing up to 200 pounds.
  • Built-in grip and simple folding


  • It has a small gap between the ramp and the car since it’s free-standing.

Alpha Paw Large 60″ Car Ramp for Large and Small Dogs, for SUVs, Cars, and Trucks

The Alpha Paw Car Ramp is an excellent alternative for anyone searching for a long-lasting, heavy-duty ramp. This ramp is constructed of metal and polypropylene. Because of the huge size, larger dogs may easily enter your car or truck.


  • Weighed 9.9 pounds.
  • slickly and beautifully coated
  • Curved sides provide maximum pet protection.


  • Not suited for large cars and trucks.

Folding Portable Dog Steps for Large, Medium, and Small Doggies – Indoor Outdoor Pet Stairs

This model is an excellent solution for individuals seeking a lightweight, compact option with a long lifespan. It is simple to use because of the one-handed open and close design, and the folding function allows it to be simply stowed when not in use.


  • Simple storage
  • 5.75-pound lightweight with a 24-hour support staff


  • Not good for large cars.

Dog Ramps for Large Dogs SUV, Dog Stairs for Large Dogs

The broad steps make it simple for your puppy to go up and down the stairs, and the non-slip construction keeps your pet secure.


  • No drooping with a plastic board
  • The stairs are secured with a quick-connect carabiner.
  • Simple to use and travel


  • Steps do not have a strong grip.

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

With its flexible structure and ease of easy portability, the PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp is one of the finest dog steps for the vehicle in 2021.


  • Made in the United States
  • It can hold up to 150 pounds.
  • Experts in the United States are accessible for customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Global recognition.


  • No, My fav brand.

62†L Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps for Large Dogs SUV, Truck Car Ramp

We appreciate the Coziwow because of its sturdy build and versatility – it folds up for simple transport and storage. This item has over 1,000 favorable ratings. You should not make this ramp too steep.


  • Raised sides for added security
  • Design of a portable handle
  • When safely stowed, it is designed to lock.


  • Not good in grip.

Downtown Pet Supply – Foldable Dog Ramp for Car – Safe & Portable Pet Ramp

It is manufactured of long-lasting grass turf with a rubber grip to keep your pet secure. The product is portable and may be simply stored. It comes with a tote bag so you can take it with you wherever you go. We like these dog car steps since they are simple to set up and store and are quite safe.


  • Transportable and convenient
  • Features non-slip bottoms
  • Made of thick grass turf with claws and paws for maximum grip


  • Added grass for a strong grip which is not necessary.

What should I consider when choosing dog steps for a car?

Weight Capacity

Each staircase has a weight capacity, so select one that can sustain your pet’s weight. If your dog is older or has trouble jumping, you should look for a type with a ramp. The ramp will make it easier for them to climb into the vehicle.


Choose a set of stairs that is large enough for your dog. They may not be able to utilize the steps easily if they are too tiny.


These ramps are usually constructed of plastic or metal and fold up for simple storage. They are also lightweight, making them easy to transport. The ramp makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit the car, but it might be difficult if they are afraid of heights.

FAQs About Best Dog Stairs for Couch and Cars

What is the weight capacity for these products?

All of the stairs and steps we examined have a weight capacity of 150 to 200 pounds.

How easy are these products to fold up and store?

When not in use, all of the goods described here are simple to fold and store. This is especially critical for ramps, which can be difficult to maneuver.

Are dog ramps or steps better?

Smaller breeds may prefer the steps, but older dogs and canines with common concerns benefit from ramps.

Is a ramp or stairs better for small dogs?

Stairs are preferable for tiny breeds because they are smaller, and little dogs can jump from one step to the next. Ramps are also suitable for little breeds and are robust and simple to use if you have many pets.

Conclusion for the Best Dog Steps for Cars

Dog stairs for automobiles, trucks, and SUVs are utilized in households with elderly dogs, pups who are not quite stable on their paws, senior dogs, or crippled pets. Some owners have one pet that requires stairs and another that is too little.

Step sizes in autos are an important consideration, especially for big dogs. Some of them resemble ramps and are broader at the bottom to make it simpler for dogs to travel.

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