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5 Best Dog Agility Weave Pole training make your dog stronger with these games

In this article, we’ll try to cover the 5 Best Dog Agility Weave Pole training. The weave poles are strictly enforced by all agility groups. 12 poles are always 24 inches apart.

The dog must, of course, cross them in a zig-zag fashion. However, not only how he wiggles between the poles, but also how he joins them, is critical. In contests, dogs are penalized for starting the weave poles wrongly.

The dog always approaches the row of poles with the first pole on his left shoulder. He must accomplish all 12 poles without missing a single one!

There are many types of games in the market indoor, outdoor or special for lazy dogs. For indoor games, you can read my article: Best fun indoor dog games

Things need to consider before Dog agility weave pole training:

  • Fast spinning places a great deal of strain on a dog’s shoulder and back. Your dog must be done developing before beginning weave pole training. Even if you’re tempted to do it with a little pup, don’t!
  • Furthermore, your dog should be in good physical and mental condition. If he is obese or hasn’t been exercising frequently, get him in shape first before pursuing weave pole training.
  • It is important to note that no dog can learn to weave poles in a single day. Weaving is best taught via constant (preferably nearly daily) practice. Even with daily sessions, it might take up to 2-3 months for your dog to securely weave.

All of the weave pole bases I’ve seen in Europe have been on 24″ Centres. I’m not sure whether they were ever different or how we in North America came to have poles as close as 18 inches apart, but once you start anything, it’s tough to modify. I could get more dogs in this photo if the pole bases were wider. Both the AAC (Canadian governing organization) and the CKC (our Kennel club) have adopted 24′′ poles. They accomplished this by allowing for closer spacing (I believe it must be larger than 20′′ as of January 2009, and a subsequent amendment was made to permit 24′′ for AAC). Change has been a little slower in the United States. The AKC accepts 24′′ poles, while the USDAA does not.

Dog Agility Weave pole Training guide

The channel approach is a far better way to train a dog to weave. We use the channel approach to find the 12 poles:

image 9

Now we’ll turn it into an actual channel. Every second pole is shifted out from the line to accomplish this, so it will look like this

image 10

You must now train your dog to run through all these “channel weaves.” This will be simple because sprinting on a straight path is not difficult for any dog!

You gradually bring them closer together:

The advantage of this weave training approach is that the dog only perceives himself as moving in a straight path. This results in extremely fast and consistent weave pole efficiency. Practice makes him perfect so keep practicing and encourage him.

Here are 5 Best Dog Agility Poles:

Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Set for Dogs

A fantastic training tool: Agility training builds your relationship with your dog and increases engagement. Most significantly, it is enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Lightweight & long-lasting: Agility materials can be used indoors or outside for all-weather practice.

Each piece of equipment comes with a carrying bag for convenient transport and organizing.

Ideal for most dog sizes and excellent for all pet parents.

A 26″ wide adjustable bar jump, a 24″ diameter changeable tire jump, 6 fixed base weave poles, a 10′ long tunnel with 4 sandbags, and a pausing box are also included. *Sand is not included.

Available in 1 color.

Blue-9 Klimb Dog Training Platform and Agility System

Resolve Issue Behavior: Klimb, which has been skillfully created and manufactured, is intended to enhance your connection with your dog by addressing typical difficulties like begging, leaping, and unwanted screaming.

How it Works: Klimb is a haven for your dog, making them feel at ease and content. They become more concentrated on you and your cues when you give them this clear and higher location.

Lightweight and flexible: The simple design weighs only 14 pounds but can support 500 pounds. Klimb is great for on-the-go training and has a modular deck that connects and stacks for an infinite number of permutations.

Blue-9 is a team of professional perfectionists who create premium solution-based goods to foster and deepen the human-canine relationship. We stand behind our products, which are proudly created in the United States of America*.

The dimensions of the base are 24″ square with 12″ removable legs.

Available in 4 colors.

Dog Agility Weave Poles with Adjustable Spacing

Design: Weave poles are constructed of PVC and bolted onto the metal base supplied. To change the space between the poles, each pole may slide individually.

Spacing: Poles can be spaced anywhere from 19″ to 25″ apart. When the poles are detached from the base, the base folds up effortlessly, and the complete set fits into the provided carry bag. (The 12-pole set will be packaged in two bags.)

Available in 2 sizes.

Affordable Agility in a Bag with 9 ft Tunnel

Excellent price and performance: Except for the larger breeds, this size is ideal for most dogs. Free-standing PVC bases that may be used indoors or outdoors.

Spacious: robust carrying bag (38 x 30 x 3) and vinyl tape for customizing are also included. Some assembling is required. It comes unadorned, ready for you to personalize with the provided vinyl tape. Made in the United States of America from furniture grade UV resistant 34 PVC.

Ships are half-constructed and ivory colored, with simple assembly instructions.

A 36″ wide moveable bar jump, 6 Weave Poles, a Tire Jump, a 36″ square PVC Pause Box, and a 9 ft tunnel with a 22″ diameter are included.

Available in one color.

Outward Hound Interactive Dog Training Toys and Agility Kits

INDOOR PHYSICAL Workout: The Zip & Zoom agility training kit is ideal for keeping your pet active and physically healthy inside. Excellent for puppies that are just starting and are unfamiliar with agility training obstacle courses.

DOG AGILITY TRAINING Build: Use our training ideas booklet to set up the training set as an obstacle course in your house to teach your dog tricks and instructions while also deepening your relationship.

MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: The Zip & Zoom indoor agility kit includes a square foldable tunnel, four weave poles, and a movable jump that can be disassembled and used as two additional individual weave poles.

Easy AND Handy: This lightweight set comes in a handy bag for simple home storage.

PLAY SAFELY: No toy is impervious to damage. Toys should not be left with unattended pets. If the toy is damaged, remove it and replace it.

Available in many colors.

How tall are dogs’ weave poles for agility?

The Weave Poles should have a permanent base with a rigid straight no more than 4 inches high as measured from the base to the top of the fixed support to support the pole.

How much spacing did you need for dog agility?

Usually, there should be at least 15 feet between each barrier, but there should be at least 10 feet between each hurdle.

How do I teach my dog agility poles?

The planks are 4 inches broad and 5 feet +/- 2 inches long. The heights of the boards are 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. Tops are 2 inches tall in the middle, 4 inches broad, and up to 15 inches long, and must be a different color.

Is agility good or bad for dogs?

Agility is good for dogs. Of, to make dog agility excellent for dogs, parents must follow cautious and deliberate progress and never overwork their dogs in training.

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